March 22, 2013

Going Unplugged

Last week I went to a Women's Conference at our church that was called 'Unplugged' and loved it! I had been talking to my husband about spending more time away from electronics and more time with each other beforehand. We're always watching TV, on our smart phones, or on our laptops and rarely engage in a conversation. Its bad. I mean, there's nothing more important than family and everything on the internet or TV can wait. When I saw on my Instagram feed that Small Fry was going without TV for 5 days I decided it would be fun to join! We may or may not have cheated a bit (or a lot. Its hard to find something to do while Aubrey nurses and naps on me!) Oh, and sorry for all the cell phone pictures!

Day One: Color Play
This was the easiest day. I had so many great ideas! I used food coloring in whipped cream and let my daughter make a huge mess!

Day Two: Skype Date
I haven't gotten to see my best friend for sooo long! We arranged a little video chat via Skype, which was amazing. I love Skype. And Aubrey was just hamming it up for her God Mother!
See what Small Fry did here

Day Three: Kitchen Herbs
We went to the store and bought some small bags of soil and seeds for a little herb garden in the kitchen. Although I don't have a green thumb I'm really hoping they grow! Patience will be key. I also re-potted my only house plant that has stayed alive despite my lack of watering.
See what Small Fry did here

Day Four: Play Date
One of the sweet ladies I met from church invited Aubrey over for a play date. It felt so good to have ladies close to my age with kids to talk to here, and even better to have Aubrey socializing. I feel so blessed!
See what Small Fry did here

Day Five: The Jug
I'd have to say that the mot eventful thing we did was go to The Jug for some food and delicious ice cream. Aubrey loves sitting in the front seat with us and yelling at people as they walk by the window.
See what Small Fry did here

I want to thank Small Fry for the extra push to cut back on electronics. I noticed I was much more productive and bonded so much more with my babe. I'm hoping its something we will continue to work on. 

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