Welcome to Tumbleweeds & Snowflakes!

This all got started with my love for making things. When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011 I began making all sorts of things for her nursery; paintings, changing pad covers, mobiles, clothes, you name it and I probably made it! I put so much love into everything that I made for her.

About a year after she was born I began realizing that I could start selling handmade goods in hopes to provide some sort of income for my family while still being able to stay home with my daughter.

If it weren't for the support from my amazing husband and the inspiration from my daughter, this would never be possible! I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful, little family.

Please follow along as I share crafting experiences, tutorials, and recipes.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Photo by: Stephanie Marie Photography 2012

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