March 24, 2012

Baby Shower #1

Today we had our baby shower! It was sooo much fun! I've been to so many showers that are long, awkward, and no fun. We wanted to have a guy-girl shower where kids are welcome. It was so much fun to help plan games and make decorations with Lyndsay! We made sure to have the baby shower before the upcoming deployment so everyone would be able to make it.

Who was hosting? My best friend, Lyndsay. We rented out the Vittori Clubhouse :)
What was the theme? There really wasn't a specific theme. We decorated with turquoise, magenta, white, green, pink, flowers, and butterflies. We called it "spring" when people asked!

Seating for me and Zack
The sign in table

Thank you/sweets table

Food Table

What did you eat? We had popcorn, candy, doughnut holes, cupcakes, chips, chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber water, soda, and fruit skewers.
Delicious cupcakes!!
What games did you play? We played the typical dirty diaper game where you melt a chocolate bar in a diaper and everyone has to guess what candy bar it is (and man did those look gross!)
Clothes pin games: One where you can't say the word "baby." If you're caught saying it the first person who noticed gets your clothes pin (and any others you may have). Don't worry, you can get them back ;)
And the other where you pair up and get blind folded while others put clothes pins all over you. Then you have to find all the pins on your partner while blind folded. We practically had to force people to do this one after they watched us do it! But it was hilarious!!

He thought the fastest wins
And these guys were just goofing off (broke most of the clothes pins) haha
We played another diaper game where you pair up and have one roll of toilet paper to make a diaper on your teammate with. The first person to stand up and have their diaper stay on wins! And you had to use the whole roll!

The winner!! But we can't win at our own shower
Fail!! Haha
The real winner!!!
Zack and I had to dress a baby doll while blind folded. We did pretty good if I do say so myself!
All dressed!
What gifts did you get? We got soooo many gifts and all of them were great! I can't remember every gift or who got them, but thank you to everyone!! These are only a few of the gifts we got!
I'm not sure what he said that I thought was SO funny!
I love ruffle butts!!

Yay for organization!
A wonderful DIY baby towel! :)
 This was the best baby shower we could have asked for and it meant so much to us that people wanted to support our family and baby girl before even meeting her! We're so blessed!

And more pictures!!
My lovely best friend, host, and daughter's God mother

My fabulous friend, Shana

My amazing husband

Two of the kids having fun :)

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