June 09, 2012

Baby Shower #2 and Diamondbacks Game

I was staying with my grandpa and his wife about 3 hours from my house so I could have our daughter in a bigger city with a better hospital. While I was staying with them, his wife, Melinda, was kind enough to throw me another baby shower.

Who was hosting? My step-grandma, Melinda
What was the theme? There was really no theme, just a whole lot of pink and green! Her daughters, myself, and her grand-daughter helped decorate.
Diaper cake

Sign in table

What did you eat? Melinda had ordered some food trays from Fry's and Basha's. We had brownie bites, mini croissant sandwiches, sandwich wraps, fruit, cupcakes, and some basil & mozzarella.

What games did you play? We played the game where you have to take a ribbon and guess how big around my belly is. My friend, LauraLee won that!
We also played the diaper game where you have to pair up with another person and you use a whole role of toilet paper to make a diaper on them.

We accidentally bought mega rolls so everyone's diapers stayed on! Haha
 What gifts did you get? I got some wonderful gifts! I can't remember who gave me what, but it meant a lot. Thank you all so much!! These are just a few of the gifts.
My mom gave me some body scrubs
Please ignore my double chin. I was swollen :/

The beautiful quilt my great-aunt made for Aubrey!
It meant a lot to be thrown another shower where my family and friends were able to come to! Thank you so much!!

More pictures!
My friend LauraLee

My great-aunt and mom's cousins (my 2nd cousins?)

My step-grandma
Me and my mom
I know she didn't like this picture of herself, so I pixelated her face.

After my baby shower, Zack and I headed to our first Diamondbacks game! It was so much fun! Although I learned that there are a lot of balls that head into the crowd and if you're not paying attention you could get a fast ball in the nose (didn't happen to anyone, thank God)!
It was Star Wars night to help raise money and awareness for...something (oops!) They were playing the Athletics and won! I'm not a fan of any AZ teams, but I love a good game! We also had some pretty good seats :)

This guy proposed & she said yes! So sweet!

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