August 22, 2012

Aubrey: Two Months (8 Weeks)

Weight: 12lbs 8oz
Height: 23 1/4"
Teething: I'm pretty positive you're teething already! You've been chewing on fingers, toys, shoulders, etc. and drooling like crazy! I've been wanting to get you a Baltic Amber teething necklace, but the gift shop at the hospital is out of stock (they have the best price).
Playing:You learned you have hands and fingers and can now hold things and bring them to your mouth! You're smiling A LOT! We love it! You love talking to daddy. You two have a special relationship, just like you and I do. I'm a little jealous you won't play and talk to me like that, but I get to nurse you to sleep in my arms. :) You're so close to laughing! We can't wat to hear that first little giggle.
Sleeping: You sleep most of the day, give or take a few hours. You sleep throughout the whole night with us. You're a great little co-sleeper :)
Eating: You haven't been taking a bottle when daddy tries to feed you. Which is really frustrating for me because I work hard trying to find time to pump! It seems like you're always nursing, I can't wait until we can start giving you food!
What You've Been Doing: You get prettier and prettier everyday, its unbearably adorable! Youve started to lift your head up when I put you down for some "tummy time," but you don't like it very much. Haha You can hold your head up all by yourself now and love watching Blue's Clues. You hate your car seat now :( That makes getting out of the house very hard.
As much as I love this bow, you still need to grow into it ;)

Sleep smiles!


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