August 20, 2012

Pet Peeves

I am a member of certain groups on Facebook which can come in handy if I ever need to sell anything locally, meet new people, or ask questions. Since becoming a part of these groups I've gained a lot of knowledge and encountered some very, uhm, irritating people. Maybe its just where I live, but I'm pretty sure this is a country wide epidemic that makes Americans the laughing stock of the world. So, I've developed some new pet peeves that I just can't keep to myself anymore!
1. Grammar and Spelling
Have you ever read something someone posted, text you, e-mailed you, etc. that you just wanted to correct? I have!
For example:
  • "I eat like sometime fast foods I don't drink lots of water and some times I eat vestabels and I eat cereal of Oates" Eh-uhm. Its, I eat some fast food, I don't drink a lot of water, and I eat vegetables and oats.
  • "hey grl thx 4 ur # wnna meet @ da movies l8r" Excuse me? I didn't understand any of that.

2. Dumb Questions
There's a woman in the breastfeeding group I'm a member of that has been asking a lot of questions. Now, I'm all for asking questions and learning! Despite what your school teachers may have told you, there is such a thing as a dumb question. Here's some of them!
*please note that these are not the exact questions as the spelling and grammar have been changed
  • "Should I drink water and eat while breastfeeding?" Yes, although you should eat and drink regardless of whether you're breastfeeding or not.
  • "What does it mean when you have a period?" Your body recently released an egg, which was left unfertilized, and is now being shed from your body with your uterine lining. Since you're a woman (not a 9 year old) who has a baby, I'm hoping you already knew this.

And this has just really been irritating me.
"I was wandering that I give breast milk to my baby but i don't have a lot what can I do to have more Brest milk"

First of all, *wondering, *breast. Thank you. I was unaware that you could buy breast milk! How clever that they call it "Brest milk!"
Now, women have been kindly responding to this attrociously formed question and many others. The woman who posted it insists that she has a very low milk supply despite what others are telling her. Her baby is the same age as mine. She says that her milk supply is low because when she pumps she doesn't get a lot of milk. I do give her kudos for pumping! But, I've only recently been able to pump maybe 5 ounces! Also, if the sheild with your pump is too big or small you won't get much milk. I had to buy a smaller one, although its still too big, I do get more out of pumping than before.
What's bothersome is she continues to ask questions about low milk supply and, seriously, insists its low! There are lactation cookies, herbs, teas, certain foods, pumping accessories, pharmaceutical medications, etc. to help increase your milk supply. She has been told about all of these options repeatedly. Go see a doctor! No one is this group is a licensed doctor.

3. Compromise
I love selling things locally! I don't have to drive very far, its quick, and convenient. There's no sifting through e-mails full of scammers trying to pay you more than what you're asking, no third party involved, and no running to the post office to mail things out. I'm not asking a lot, but with a new baby who exclusively breastfeeds I need you to be willing to meet me halfway, if not all the way. No, I will not drive 25-30 minutes to meet you on the other side of town to earn $4 just because you don't want to use your gas. I can, however, meet you roughly halfway. No? Alright then, thanks for wasting my time.
The same girl, who was unwilling to meet me halfway is the same one who stood me up last month! She wanted to buy a scarf I was selling for $1. One dollar people! Just turning on my car uses that much in gas! She really wanted it and I really wanted to get rid of it. She said she wasn't feeling good so I agreed to meet her at a Fry's very close to her. She said she was on her way. I waited for oh, I don't know, 20-30 minutes before I get a last minute text that "something came up" and she doesn't want it anymore. WASTE of TIME! Needless to say I won't be selling to her anymore, ever. How does that saying go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me or something like that?


4. The Golden Rule(s)
Treat others as you want to be treated and if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I believe these two go hand in hand with each other.
Too many times have I read someone's opinion or statement that others do not agree with. Heck, I've been the person that people don't agree with! Someone always has to start an argument about it and state that the other person or people are wrong for feeling the way they do. It's called freedom of speech! And while you may or may not agree with it, you don't have to bash other people (even though you have the right to freedom of speech, too). I don't usually post anything that may cause an issue or argument, but I have my days. Today, for instance, is one of those days. I can't stand it when people have to add their two-cents to something that you didn't ask for an opinion on! If you don't have anything nice to say to me, or anyone, you shouldn't say it at all. I've read and seen things I don't agree with and have the urge to voice my opinion, but I don't say anything because its rude. I'm not perfect. I've voiced my opinion before and caused unwanted drama. I always keep my opinions to myself on topics regarding teen pregnancy, abortions, and politics unless asked by a friend who can respect possibly having different opinions.
How would you like it if you just wanted to say, "I love doughnuts!" and I said, "Eww, doughnuts are the most disgusting food on Earth! I can't believe you eat those. Have you read what those things a fried in? Ugh, so unhealthy! I wouldn't be caught dead eating one of those." Wouldn't that upset you? Yes. So why would you do that to other people?

I really just needed to get that off my chest! Ahhhh, relief! My poor husband can only listen to me rant for about 2 minutes a day, so things get built up. Haha So, thank you, blog, for being a place I can vent, share, and discuss on! :)

P.S. I heart doughnuts! I don't care what they're fried in, they're delicious!

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