August 17, 2012

Blog Building

I've been learning how to interpret, read, and write HTML all over again! The last time I used this stuff was when I was in middle school with a MySpace! So, I figured I'd include some links to tutorials that have been helping me along the way. If anyone has some more knowledge on this, please feel free to comment!

  • The Cutest Blog On The Block (TCBOTB)
    There are all kinds of things like templates, buttons, tutorials, etc. They even make custom blogs (for a price)! This will be my go-to site for tutorials and super cute backgrounds.

  • Shabby Blogs
    If you're into garden gnomes, flowers, and shabby chic styles this is def the place you want to look!
    -Disappearing Navigation Bar here

  • Kevin & Amanda
    I actually found this site from TCBOTB's tutorial pages. I couldn't tell you how on earth they came across Kevin & Amanda's tutorials, but they are amazing! They even offer free fonts. I'm planning on adding a signature from their tutorials and who knows what else! I need to seriously do some more exploring on their site! Ah-ha! Found it! More great tutorials here!
    -Pin It Button here
    -Add Signature to all posts (new & previous) here

  • Photobucket

Now, if only I could figure out how to change the ugly orange background color to white when the page is loading and how to add my own "About Us" section instead of the one linked to my Google Plus account. I'll make sure to add to this list as I come across more great, helpful sites. :)

*UPDATE 10/11/12*
Changing the backgroud color from orange to white was so easy! I went to template >customize >background >background image >remove image. Ta-da! 
As for the "About Us" section, I removed the Google Plus gadget in the Layout tab and added a new gadget in my sidebar. You have the option to select what type of gadget it is such as, html, translate, follow by email, picture, etc. I chose picture and uploaded a collage I had made on PicMonkey. Then, I added the link to my Just Beginning blog here to tell a bit about us.

Hot Bliggity Blog (HBB) has tons of cute backgrounds!

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