September 22, 2012

Aubrey: Three Months (13 Weeks)

I came across this lovely blog earlier this month and love how she chose to write about her son! And our kiddos are only 4 days apart!
Giant bear your daddy won for me at the fair before you were born

Weight: Probably somewhere in the 14lbs mark ???


Health: We (okay, mostly me) have decided to wait to vaccinate you until you can communicate in some way other than crying. I'm just very uncomfortable with the symptoms of an adverse reaction: high fever, irritability, vomiting crying for long periods of time (those are just some of the mild adverse reactions). You already get hot and sweaty when you sleep and cry, you already vomit after you eat a lot which is the only way I can tell you're stuffed, and cry for no reason at times. And let me tell you, you are not a quitter when it comes to crying!
You're very healthy! You haven't been sick yet :)

Sleep: You still sleep a lot! Not as much as when you were first born, but still! I've kind of figured out your sleep schedule:
Wake up
+1-2h eat, nap
+2-4h wake up and play
+2-3h eat, nap
+3-4h wake up and play
7-8pm bath time
+30m eat, sleep
You also sleep with us and sleep through night. It's just easier to feed you and keep you asleep that way. One of these days I'd like to be able to set you in your crib to sleep for a few hours then when you wake up take you back to our bed and feed you. But we're working on it still!

Diet: Momma's milk!

Clothes: We've recently had to do some shopping here and there to add to your massive collection of clothes! Come to find out most of your clothes were 0-3 months. Looking back when you were like one month old to now I cannot believe how much you've filled out your onesies!

Diapers: We've been cloth diapering, against your father's will, and it's a lot of work!! Your grandma Chelton has been making diapers for you. I feel like I'm always washing dirty diapers. Now I know why people have like 50 plus! Needless to say we've still been using disposables, but I'm soooo bad about remembering to buy them haha

Baby Gear: You outgrew your sling (Karma Baby) for now. You're too big to "cradle carry" and aren't strong enough to "hip carry" yet. We had bought an off brand of the Ergo carrier for your dad, so I've been using that. One of these days I want to make a K'tan wrap/sling using this tutorial. It's much less painful for me to wear you if the weight is distributed across both shoulders instead of one! And its impossible to feed you in the carrier pictured.

Crying: You pretty much cry about everything! Big cry baby. You've recently started screaming, literally, when you're very upset. It drives me nuts and breaks my heart!

Likes: Pocoyo, Pocoyo, and more Pocoyo! I've tried to get you to watch some BabyFirstTV stuff and Baby Einsteins, but you don't really tolerate it. I think the reason you like Pocoyo so much is because the characters are on a white background so you can see them better and the episodes are short. You can be screaming your head off and as soon as we turn on Pocoyo you stop. Its a life saver! We can even put you down in your travel crib while you watch it.
You also like when daddy plays with you, not so much me, but I'm just your comfort food, right? Haha Annnnddd you still don't like "tummy time" but you've been tolerating it better and holding your head up much better!

Milestones: Got you to take your pacifier and a bottle! Wahoo!! We can thank your Aunt Lyndsay for that! She even got you to fall asleep with your pacifier. We've discovered that when you spit up a lot, you're stuffed! But you still want the comfort of my nipple, so this is where the pacifier comes in.
You're starting to try to sit up, but you're still wobbly and need help. And today you laughed for the first time while you and daddy were playing!! Not a "coo" or a "ha" like usual, but an actual laugh with a giggle!! I wasn't quick enough grabbing the camera though.
I love you this big!

Difficulties:You are very clingy. I love it because I love cuddling with you, but I don't like it because I can't get anything done without you throwing a fit. Maybe I should've put you down more as a newborn instead of holding you, but you were just too cute! And you used to love your car seat and just fall right asleep. Now, not so much. Which makes going anywhere difficult. But I'm sure you'll grow out of it! It's really hard on me when I don't know how to soothe you. Not only does my patience run low and irritability run high, but it makes me feel like such a horrible mom. I can't wait to start teaching you sign language so we can talk to each other before you're able to speak!

Postpartum: I was taking advantage of having to time to myself at one of the free night time yoga classes on base, but your dad's work schedule has quickly out an end to that. The gym here has no childcare, so I'm out of luck! I guess I could do something at home, but its not really time away from you. I love you, but it was so nice to just have an hour to myself with no crying or screaming.
I have no idea how much weight I've lost, and I don't really care. I know my body is all flabby and has stored some extra fat (for breastfeeding). When I have time to work on it, I will! Because man do I miss looking in the mirror and feeling attractive.
This has really bothered me: I have stretch marks! I didn't have any until the day I gave birth to you. How does that even happen?! They're not bad, but still. And the ones I have from getting my milk supply crack me up! Those ones don't really bother me.

That smile melts my heart!

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