September 10, 2012

Welcome Home Avengers!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of my friend Cortney's homecoming.

As soon as the new year rolled around the whole squadron began preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan. They were working long hours and going to training exercises for weeks on end. Many of the wives were expecting babies, Cortney and I included. April came and our husbands were both supposed to stay behind. The day the Marines were heading over there someone got taken off and a spot opened up that had to be filled. It was between my husband or hers going and hers went.

This isn't a pity story for her or me trying to brag. I was very lucky my husband got to stay. Cortney is such a strong woman to be able to give birth without her husband there (for the second time) and raise two kids! Being a part of her special homecoming was amazing! I got to see a family reunited, a dad meet his daughter at 7 weeks old, and so many other emotions that I didn't get to witness at my own homecoming last June. It was beautiful and exciting!

Cortney asked me and our friend Lyndsay if we could help her get her house, kids, and herself ready.
I had made her son, Robby,  a shirt to wear since the one she ordered was horrible! It didn't even say the right thing. It read "'get my daddy' Sgt Liddy."

She had ordered a super adorable outfit for her daughter! Her onesie said "Move out of the WAY here to meet DADDY! Sgt. Liddy"
Even painted her tootsies! That's glitter from her tutu on her leg

And Cortney looked gorgeous!!

Sweet faces guys!

She had originally been told her hubs was arriving at the squadron at 10PM, but that changed to midnight. My husband had been at the squardon waiting for the Marines to arrive since 9:30PM. This was the funniest thing to watch! My husband called me (my volume was super loud) and all Cortney and Lyndsay heard was "they're in Yuma" and started rushing out the door! They missed the rest of his sentence "but its probably gonna be another 30-40 minutes before they get here." So before I could say anything we were all rushing to the squardon at like 11:45pm, which was fine haha Her family looked perfect!

The hangar was so hot! There were some refreshents and hand fans, thank God! It felt like we were waiting forever, but at what I'm guessing was about 12:30-12:45AM her husband finally arrived!!

Her first time seing her husband in 6 months!


Holding his boy
Love at first sight!
Showing off for his dad
I love this picture so much!
Some bro love

Buckling his baby in
Heading home with mom right behind them!

Thank you so much Cortney for letting me be a part of your homecoming!! It was so sweet!

Welcome Home Avenger!

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