October 08, 2012

The Chronicles of Moving: Part 1

It all started back in August. We met with a realtor to talk about buying a home, only to find out that we wouldn't be able to take out a mortgage to purchase one until my husband had proof of new income (since we're getting out of the Marine Corps). So, we began looking for a home to rent. After many, many e-mails with rentals from our realtor, looking on our own, inquiries, and no one getting back to us, we finally found three homes we could afford to rent!

8132 W Hammond Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85043

1815 S 82nd Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85043Map image of 6301 W Nez Perce St, Phoenix AZ 85043
Well, none of those ended up working out. So we continued to look! We came across these two homes that had no applications on them. So my mom went to the showings for us since we're hours away and trying to save as much money as we can to get into a rental home.
The bottom house, while it looks nice on the outside, was not so much on the inside. So we went ahead and applied for the top house. Only to find out that we can't rent a home because we're getting out and need proof of new income. I guess when we were told we couldn't buy a home we should have figured we couldn't rent one either.
So, here we are a week from moving with no place of our own to move into. We've wasted so much time and energy finding that home, only to be told 'no.' Its not that we won't have any income. My husband is taking terminal leave which is basically like a fully paid vacation. We're just waiting to hear back about more testing from the police departments he applied to. Our plan went something like this:
  • Take terminal leave from the Marine Corps (about 30 days)
  • Move to Phoenix (in our own place)
  • Finish testing for police departments
  • Get job offer and attend the Police Academy
  • Collect last USMC paycheck and first Police Department paycheck (double payday, heck yeah!!)
Pretty smooth transition, right? Now we're still taking terminal leave, but have to either move in with my parents until further notice or stay in a motel/hotel until we get jobs so we can rent a home. I desperately want our own space so I can breastfeed without covering up, keep it clean like I want, walk around in my underwear if I please (c'mon we all do it at some point!), and not have to worry about pet hair/slobber/stink all over me and my baby. BUT realistically: stay with my parents for free or pay for a motel. Hmmmm....
All that sucks is that my hopes of an easy transition were crushed, we have to move about 3-4 times (Yuma > Storage Unit > Parent's House > Storage Unit > New Home), and pay to move from my parents to our own place (since the Marine Corps is paying for our move to my parents). On the plus side, God probably has something better planned for us, I'm just not sure what it is, and I have a great hubby who will do whatever it takes to provide for our family.

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