November 22, 2012

Aubrey: 5 Months (22 Weeks)

Sleep: We're talking about starting sleep training after we move. You have no idea what's coming! I swear you have a little internal alarm that tells you to get up every morning at seven. You don't nap as often or as long as you used to, which is fine by me because then you're tired at night!

Diet: Mostly breast milk, some formula, and you're really wanting food to keep you happy. We're happy to oblige! Oh, and those Vitamin D drops...yeah, they're disgusting and stinky!!

Clothes: We very recently made the switch to 3-6 months sized clothes ans a lot of them are already too small! The cute outfit I bought you for Thanksgiving is a tight squeeze and your head barely fits through the head hole in the shirt. So we've been trying to buy warmer clothes in 6-9 months so you hopefully fit in them longer.

Diapers: We had to move you up a size in diapers due to many "blow outs" that shouldn't have happened. We bought this whole big box of size 3 diapers and they seem like they're not much bigger than the size 2 ones. Weird.

Crying: You don't really cry as much as you did earlier. Don't get me wrong, you still cry, but now you sort of make grunting noises when you're getting upset first. Exploring the different noises you can make I guess!

Likes: Paper, magazines, napkins. Pretty much anything that crinkles and can go in your mouth! You like watching football with daddy.

"Gimme that camera!"
Milestones:  You're really getting the hang of your hands. You've been transferring toys from one hand to the other for a while now, but your much better at getting them in your mouth instead of hitting yourself in the face. You can roll over now!! Instead of rolling all the way over (you can do it), you like to lay on your side. You're lifting your upper body up during tummy time, but can't hold it for very long. Maybe you'll be crawling soon? Last but not least, you can sit up unassisted for short periods of time and lean forward to play.

Difficulties: There aren't really any difficulties. You've been a lot more independent lately; its nice to start getting some time to get things done!

Postpartum: I thought I may have postpartum depression, sometimes I still think I might, but it may not be depression so much as it is stress. There's been a lot of stressful changes lately. I'm itching to get back in shape! I'm so bad about working out at home (like I have time) so the gym is definitely a better choice for me. However, you have to be 6 months old before I can utilize the childcare. So unless we can get someone to watch you, I don't go to the gym. I feel like I've been starting to come out of this rut of 'baby, baby, baby' and get back to some form of normality. I find time to do my nails, start craft projects, clean, cook, shave my legs!


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