December 08, 2012

The Chronicles of Moving: Part 3

Well, I'm here in beautiful West Virginia writing this blog post. It's been a long four days, but let me start by explaining what I'm doing across the U.S.

Last time I had written about moving, we were heading to Phoenix, AZ to live with my parents. We fit almost all of our stuff into a tiny storage room and were waiting to hear back from either Tempe or Mesa Police Department. We never did. As our last paycheck was quickly approaching my husband began looking into joining the Air Force. You're probably thinking we're crazy! Why would you leave the military to join again? We're not really sure, (haha) it was just a backup option. But alas, that won't work out either! You see, the Air Force only takes about 250 previously enlisted military members per fiscal year (the 2013 fiscal year just began in October) and there are no more spots left. Sigh.
So, we decided to pack up our things and head over to the East Coast to live with my mother-in-law! There are lots of wives who don't like their mother-in-laws, I'm proud to report that I am not one of them!

It was hard to leave my parents who have gotten used to us being there and spending time with Aubrey. The day we left my mom started tearing up and it just broke my heart and made me tear up! I felt horrible separating her from her granddaughter. I will be sending lots of pictures to my parents whenever I get the chance!

Now begins our four day journey across the U.S. As we went through Arizona we stopped and looked at petrified wood, fossils, and Native American pottery.

When I was a kid my family made a trip from New Mexico (I believe) to Arizona. Along the way at the Arizona/New Mexico border there is a tourist stop called Yellow Horse. We missed the exit to it and there was no where to turn around so we had to skip it. Booooo! But here's a picture of me and my brother standing inside Yellow Horse in two states at once. He never did like pictures.

As we were entering Albuquerque, there was a beautiful (and distracting) tunnel that lit up colors of pink, blue, purple, and green. After stopping for the night, we were heading towards Oklahoma City! Our car was packed full!

Did you know that there is a city called Groom in Texas? I wonder if there is a Bride somewhere. As we were passing through Texas I learned that there are country singers who are famous and only tour there too. For instance we heard a song from some guy named Earl Dibbles Jr. Have you ever heard of him? Me neither! We had to stop and get gas at this little, tiny gas station and on the bathroom stall door people had written when they were from and where they were going. It was pretty cool! Apparently a lot of travelers have stopped there.

As we got to Oklahoma, we got very confused on the interstate because there were quite a few exits on the left instead of the right. Not to mention that the lines on the roads definitely needed to be repainted. We saw the lowest gas prices we have seen in years: $2.98per gallon! That was heavenly! We made our stop for the night in Oklahoma City.

Day three and on the road again, we were heading to Saint Louis! Not much to report about our drive there. We were all so tired of being in the car we didn't make many stops. Originally I had wanted to take our time and stop at various free tourist attractions, but that idea went down the drain quickly.

One thing that kept us occupied while Aubrey was sleeping was answering thirty questions that I found {here} on Pinterest. I learned a few things about my husband and we had quite a few laughs! So here we are in West Virgina spending time with family while we wait for the college spring semester to start.

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