December 22, 2012

Aubrey: 6 Months (26 Weeks)

Weight: About 17lbs

Sleep: You are definitely our kid and love your sleep! If only we had the courage and patience to work on laying you down alone to sleep.

Diet: Breast milk. You love to eat when we're eating so we take advantage of that time and give you baby food. Although we are very forgetful and usually don't have any on hand when we need it most, like when we're eating at a restaurant. We started using Gerber food, but my mom got us a Baby Bullet that I love! The only problem is that you won't eat what I make you. After making my own banana puree (and trying it) I'd like to know what Gerber actually puts in their baby "food." Its way too uniform in color and texture to be only bananas and water like they claim, not to mention its much sweeter than it should be!

Clothes: You're growing so fast!! I have a love/hate relationship with it. You're wearing 6-9 months and 9-12  months. We met a 10 month old girl at Applebee's today and you were the same size as her! I really wish they made half sizes in baby shoes, but that would be almost pointless.

Diapers: No more Pampers Swaddlers! We're moving on to Pampers Cruisers.

Baby Gear: There are so many cool toys! We've recently discovered these:

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics™ Musical Activity Walker™
This is really cool because the legs come off for sitting babies. Leapfrog Learning Table
We said we would never own one, but what a life saver!

Likes: Anything that lights up, makes noises, and can be tossed around. Or simple things like running water, boxes, furry cats, and childproof pill bottles. Oh, and Pocoyo.

Milestones: Sitting up unassisted, shaking objects, scooting backwards, sitting in a high chair.

Difficulties: Getting you to eat real baby food! But seriously, we couldn't have asked for a better baby.

Whoever said breastfeeding makes you lose a lot of weight was just lucky, because I've been about 20 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight for months! I desperately need to work out especially because of all the holiday deliciousness.

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