February 02, 2013

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse

Its been over 7 months since I had my daughter and my body is still no where close to where it used to be at. I'm fed up with not fitting into the clothes that I have comfortably. Granted, I didn't do much during pregnancy (for fear of creating any complications; first pregnancy, I didn't know any better) to remain in shape and I haven't done much since then (for fear of ripping anything and lack of time) to get back into shape. Add on the ever so scrumptious holidays and cold winter...the results are not so pleasant.

I firmly believe in eating. Food is good for you (well, healthy food is) and starving your body to lose weight is not the answer. I've always been such a skeptic to cleanses, diets, pills, shakes, juicing, counting calories, and just about anything that limits how often and what I eat. However, with the growing popularity and knowledge healthy eating without starving yourself I have started to come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, some of these things can benefit my health.

I was wrong.

You can find the recipes and ingredients for the cleanse {here}, if you dare try it. Oh, and on a side note,  they say this costs about $16 per day...yeah right! Its quite pricey! The ground flax seed alone was $10 and we had to substitute raspberries for strawberries because we're not made out of money. Raspberries were $6 per package, we needed about 7 packages.

Day One


Emotional/Physical Response: Not gonna lie, i was excited to start this. I was ready to go! I love tea, hot tea makes me sick, but I figured this green tea wouldn't be so bad. Boy was I wrong! I had to plug my nose and chug. The breakfast shake definitely made up for it. I was expecting to be hungry after drinking it, but I was full, and full for a while. I didn't have any urges to snack!


"I can definitely taste the celery. I'm about to add ranch to that!"

Emotional/Physical Response: D I S G U S T I N G ! I'm a huge texture person. I can get past the leafy, grassy taste, but the texture is like someone already chewed my food for me. I took one drink of this and knew immediately this would be a struggle. Its thick and in desperate need of more liquid. I accidentally (no seriously, it was an accident) spilled one of my glasses (it filled two) and am so thankful that happened! I'm hungry, but maybe I can make it until snack time. I'd seriously rather starve than 'drink' the next glass. Not mention, I can't help but gag every time I take a drink.

My husband can't get over the taste and is considering quitting. He's hungry and wants a cheeseburger. He's a huge meat eater and I completely understand. We decided to dump the rest of the shake down the drain. Our stomachs hurt and we're both hungry. Snack time here we come!!

Suggestions for Success: Make it as a salad. Kale salad with cucumber, and celery with a coconut oil and lime dressing. Maybe toss in the pineapple and apples or eat them on the side. And just drink the almond milk. Whoever decided to put this in a blender is an idiot.


Emotional/Physical Response: Fruity, nutty, delicious, although not as refreshing as this morning. I substituted almond milk for water. My husband decided to quit shortly after dumping the lunch drink, if you can call it that, down the drain. He proceeded to eat a pizza.

At this point, I was seriously considering quitting, but decided to give the dinner shake a try. We bought all the food in advance, so we have a ton left over now that my husband decided to return to chewable food. I made kale chips, which were okay, but not fantastic. I may or may not have tried a few...or ten.


*runs to sink and washes mouth out with water.*
Emotional/Physical Response: I was really, really hoping that this would be good. Upon tasting the coconut water, my hopes began to fade. If that's what drinking out of a coconut tastes like, I'm never drinking out of a coconut. I hate spicy food. The sip, not even a whole drink, just a sip, I took tasted like the Mexican candy that I grew up around. Which, might I add is usually mango flavored and coated in chili powder. It's nasty. I immediately spit the mango flavored fire out of my mouth into the sink and ladled water into my mouth while salivating. 

Suggestions for Success: 1. Like mangoes. 2. Like spicy food. 3. Like coconut water.

The Results

Don't waste your money and don't buy everything for the three days at one time. Call it a lack of motivation, will power, or what you will. I will find a different, tastier way to eat healthier and help detox my body. If you tired or completed the detox, I give you major kudos! Everyone is different, and this is not for me. Now please excuse me while I go enjoy my pizza and make delicious desserts.

*This is not meant to discourage anyone from trying the detox or state that this detox doesn't work, seeing as we didn't complete it or follow the recipes exactly. This is meant to be humorous and show that its okay to try something and not complete it. It doesn't mean that you failed, it just means that everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. That's okay. If you try this detox, I wish you the best of luck! If you tried it and didn't complete it, its okay and I congratulate you for trying! Either way, you're one step closer to a healthier you!
**These images are not mine. If these are yours, please let me know!

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