May 02, 2013

The Chronicles of Moving: Part Four

This is the last one, I swear! It's been a long six months, but we finally have our own place again! It's nothing big, but its a place we get to call home for the time being.

Once everything is put away I plan to post some pictures. It currently looks like we're hoarders.

Our new place is smaller than what we had on the military base (also a lot nicer), so we had to put a ton of stuff into storage. We're also having a big yard sale next weekend we're hoping to get some money from.
You never really realize how much stuff you have until you're unpacking it.All I have are some cell phone pictures, but I'm loving how Aubrey's room is turning out. There was so much love put into it.

My dad drove across the country to bring us all of our stuff from our storage unit in AZ. Wow, we really sound like hoarders now-ha! I wish he could've stayed longer to visit, but in the short time he was here we went to the zoo.

I'm so, so thankful that we were able to live with my parents in Arizona and my mother-in-law here. It feels so great to have all of our stuff back! I can't wait to get back to sharing my crafting adventures with you all! 

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