October 16, 2012

The Chronicles of Moving: Part 2

Our Last Weekend in Yuma

Today we left Yuma, the Marine Corps, and our friends. The last couple days have been insanely hectic!

Sunday we had planned on packing up the rest of our house and cleaning. However, I had also planned on going to church in the morning, then visiting Zack's barber shop, then lunch with my friend's Cortney and Lyndsay, then going to the Yuma Family Pumpkin Patch. Yeah, we got no packing done that day!
Cortney and Lyndsay had planned a surprise going away party for us. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for us!

Aubrey's Godmother, Lyndsay

The gang!

Miss Sydney Sue!

 Afterward, we went to the Yuma Family Pumpkin Patch. Aubrey was an apple, I was Snow White, and my Prince Charming didn't dress up.

"Hi guysssss!!!"

Aubrey hanging with one of the pirates from the show ;)

BTW: Aubrey's Costume was made by Carly's Custom Creations!
Monday we had to get up early! We needed to pick up the moving truck and move everything off of the carpet for the carpet cleaning. Uggghh!
Lyndsay came over to save the day by watching Aubrey. Without her I'm not sure this would've ever gotten done! We had to reschedule our carpet cleaning because we were running way behind schedule! I've heard the carpet cleaners kick you out of your house while they work, which was time we couldn't afford. The guy was actually very nice, he gave us $20 for lunch when it should have been us giving him money for being so awesome. Such a sweet gift from a stranger!
You're also not supposed to walk on your carpets after they've been cleaned, but we did (Shhhhh,, don't tell!) because it was quicker than walking around the whole house.
I wanted to finish my half sleeve, so we headed to our tattoo shop, X-treme Ink, where Mikey finished it off for me. It took about 4 hours, but it's beautiful! I would post a picture, but my arm looks like it should be on someone 50lbs heavier than I am so that's not happening until it's healed haha

Goodbye Apt. A!
This morning, we still had so much to do! We had to finish packing, clean, and get the house inspected. Not to mention Zack had to check-out on his terminal leave. Once again, Lyndsay was a huge help and watched Aubrey!
I was so worried we would have to pay to get our carpet replaced because when we had pets, the cat peed on the floor a few times (I know, disgusting) and the dog had a little accident when we accidentally left the dog door closed all night. I scrubbed the carpet, but the stains were just stuck! The guy who did our inspection was also very generous to us and said he would have the carpet replaced at no charge to us because the carpet in the bedrooms didn't match the rest of the house. Seriously, such a blessing!
Junk food and caffeine to keep me going this morning! Why is everything King Size now?

And when we left, we left everything we've know for the past few years behind. Our first home, our military family, the Marine Corps, our church. But we're onto better things! We're not quite sure what yet, but God has a plan and this was all part of it.

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