November 14, 2012

Free Products

I just wanted to make a quick (and short post)! I get emails sometimes with promo codes in them for free or significantly discounted products. I'd like to share some!
P.S. Pardon the quality of this post. I'm trying to do it on my iPhone for the first time ever! So professional-like, I know.

Free Washable Nursing Pads

I've never used these nursing pads, so I'm not sure how well they work. Go to and enter the promo code "ThankPads" at Checkout. You only pay shipping! Which, if my memory is correct, is about $12-$13.

Free Carseat Canopy

I bought one of these when I was probably about 16 weeks pregnant (before knowing the gender) for Aubrey. Now, these are pricey little covers, but I had a promo code similar to this one and got it for free (plus shipping). It's been way too hot to use it since she is a summer baby. The heat here is a blistering 120 degrees in the summer! But, now that its cooling off I think we'll start using it. This product is really simple! If you've ever draped a blanked over the handle on the car seat, this is similar. It's a super soft Minky inside, which can double as a blanket, and velcros to the car seat handle so it won't fall off. Go to and use the promo code "Thanksgiving2012" at checkout. You have to pay shipping which is about $12.

If you get one, or both, of these let me know what you think! Are there any products that works great for you?

*I do not work for these companies, nor have I been asked to test or review these products. I'm getting no gratification or reward of any type. I just wanted to share the promo codes and my opinions. Enjoy!*

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