November 19, 2012

Utah Trip

Over the weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to visit some of my family (on my mom's side) in Utah. It was a last minute trip, but it couldn't have turned out better!

We began our trip at 4am on Friday, and let me tell you that Aubrey was not a happy camper! After about an hour and a half of crying she finally fell asleep. We got to make a stop at the Hoover Dam on our way. Something I never thought I would see!

My great-aunt LaRee and great-uncle Kevin hosted us during our visit. They have a beautiful home and are such sweet, funny people. The last time I stayed with them was when I was 10 years old! It was so nice to have delicious home cooked dinners, eat at a table together, talk about our day, and get to know each other.

My great-uncle Kevin
Saturday morning we headed to my great-grandpa Dean and great-grandma Virgie's house. They were our main reason for coming to visit. How many people these days get to know their great-grandparents as adults? Let alone meet their great-great-grandparents as a baby, in Aubrey's case. We wanted to make sure we had pictures for Aubrey to see later in life, because lets face it, they probably won't be around in another ten years.

Virgie threw some pizzas in the oven while we chatted and waited for my great-aunts Tere and Melanie to arrive.

My great-grandpa Dean (referred to from here on out as "grandpa Dean") was such a chatterbox! He told us a great story about how he got his home and renovated it. He loved talking to Zack about his time in the Navy!

Grandpa Dean wanted to take us to Hill Aerospace Museum, but before leaving we just had to get a picture of all five generations together!

Left to Right: Dean {1st Gen.} LaRee {2nd Gen.}
Me {4th Gen.}Lisa, my mom {3rd Gen.} Aubrey {5th Gen.}
Dean fought during World War II in the U.S. Navy
She loves her uncle Dave!
My grandpa Dean was so excited to take us to the museum, you could just see how happy he was to get to talk to us about all these historical planes and jets!

Dean was a Tail Gunner in the B-24

This was the jet that carried Presidents Kennedy and Johnson
Next to the tires of that bad boy below!

Zack was talking about something hahah
1911 Burgess-Wright Model F "Flyer"
Each of those yellow bombs is a confirmed kill.
MK 6 Atomic Bomb
Female U.S. Army uniform.

This is my great-grandpa Dean's cousin I think.

It was such a blessing to be able to make this trip. I wish we could've spent more time in beautiful Utah. I'm so thankful for my gracious family who, even though we don't always keep in touch, love us unconditionally.

Yes, we really passed this! Santa must be real!

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