January 22, 2013

Aubrey: 7 Months (30 Weeks)

Weight: Roughly 19 pounds.

Height: About 27 inches.

Health: Well, you were sick for a few weeks with Acute Viral Bronchitis (so the doctors said without doing any tests), but with some Children's Tylenol to help break the fever you got better in days!
We're still postponing vaccines, but you're so close to being able to tell us in some way if you don't feel good that the time for trying out vaccines is coming up quickly. We actually got kicked out of a pediatric office because you are a "threat" to the other children. Vaccines are given to  help prevent an illness, right? We all know that a small, weakened or dead portion of the illness is injected into your body, therefore exposing you to the virus. By common logic, any vaccinated child should already be immune to any disease my child may or may not have. So, my baby is not a "threat" to anyone else, everyone else (who has been exposed to many, many illnesses and now carries them in their body) is a threat to my baby. Get it right. Sorry, rant over!

Swinging with daddy

Diet: You eat three meals a day (when we eat) with some apple juice and Gerber puffs. You still drink momma's milk whenever you need a nap, its bedtime, or you need comforted. You're starting to actually get the hang of drinking from a sippy cup, it adorable.

Clothes: I couldn't even begin to tell you what size you wear, but it is definitely not 6-9 months! I would guess somewhere around 9-12 months, but we have to go off the weight on the tags or just eyeball the right size/length if the weight isn't listed. You're in the 90th percentile for height and about the 75th percentile for weight, so its really a hit or miss on clothes.

Diapers: Size 4, moving up in the world! Pampers Swaddlers only goes up to a size 3, so we switched to Pampers Cruisers, but you're always leaking out of those! We just got small pack of Huggies to try.

Baby Gear: There's so many things! We got you a ball pit, which is pretty cool. A "poppity" dinosaur that you love, an elephant that blows balls out of it's nose, a roller-type of seat, and got you a bigger car seat! {click pictures for links}

Likes: Pocoyo. What's new? I've got you interested in a new show called Doc McStuffins! Leaves, the smallest little speck on the carpet, cats, laser pointers, plastic bottles, any type of cord, my jewelry, etc.

Milestones: You've mastered sitting up unassisted and rolling over. You just learned how to crawl, although you do it sideways and in a way that kind of looks like those creepy monster/ghost/human things that crawl on ceilings in scary movies...but its cute because you're an adorable chunky baby! And you're so close to pulling yourself up to stand and standing unassisted. We're just waiting on those teeth!

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